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Hard to kill

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2022 4:47 pm
by cartons
After getting super busy and experiencing a drop in motivation, I'm back to messing around in IB and wanted to test out the 'Hard to kill' trait (my fascination with this software is "hard to kill" as well it seems)

I noticed that when the character with the trait stands back up, if they have less than 10 HP, their health resets to 0, and they, in effect, die immediately again. This is probably working as intended since it's supposed to restore you to 1/10 of their max HP, and given its a late-acquired trait, it would have been unlikely for any character to have had less than 10 HP and this trait at the same time, but it still might be neat to program in a hard 1 HP minimum in case anyone wanted to experiment with having early-game access.