SP and traits

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SP and traits

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I set up a barbarian "rage" ability, which costs 0SP but has a long cooldown period. This is triggered as a trait, which then triggers a spell that brings in the effect. Its all very neat and works well.

One thing I found in testing was that my half-orc character managed to get -1 SP during character creation. Barbarians don't have spells so this really isn't a problem generally. But in this case it seems to prevent him from using the Rage trait - presumably because the engine thinks "0" is the minumum required SP to use the trait, rather than an indication that SP aren't required at all.

Easiest solution might be just to have the lowest SP generated at character creation set at 0, rather than slipping into negative numbers?

(I've gotten around it easily enough in the meantime by giving all the classes 10SP at creation!)
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Re: SP and traits

Post by slowdive »

Good point, we should probably have a check to make sure SP does not dip below 0 due to attribute modifiers or other reasons. Also, you can change which attribute affects SP so it may make more sense to use Strength or Constitution (instead of INT or WIS) for fighter type classes since most of their traits that would use SP are more strength/constitution related.
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