The Elderin Stone

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The Elderin Stone

Post by cartons »

Hey, I've been playing the Elderin Stone on my Android and wanted to report what seems to be a game-ending bug.


I got to what I believe is the lowest level, beneath the ruins, and confronted the Vandrid. My first choice was to take him up on his offer and bring down Dalamar (who seemed *pretty* suspect), but when I returned to go up the stairs, it took me to this map I had apparently not visited before, and I wasn't able to unlock the hidden wall which I had entered from. I reloaded, and decided to attack the Vandrid instead, defeated him, and entrapped his soul in the Elderin Stone. When I try to return upstairs, same issue. I seem to be stuck.

Another, minor, bug is with the Sling of Fire item. It is classified as a ranged item, and suffers the adjacent enemy penalty, but is rigged to only have a range of 1.

As for my experience of the game generally, I love the scrappy dungeon-crawl aspect of it! I enjoy how satisfying every minor advantage (every level up or new item discovery) feels in light of how punishing the dungeon is. Discovering the secret rooms was great fun too.

This was actually my second attempt playing through. My first attempt ended at the beginning of the fourth level, just after the library. I'd spent most of my rations exploring the world outside of the dungeon, and was underlevelled in any case because I'd chosen to sneak into the bandit camp rather than fight my way through. This deficit in experience actually made a huge difference in how I engaged with enemies by the time I got to the library (a room with two zombies and an exploder would game over me way too frequently on my first playthrough, compared to a relatively better time with the party that I had gone on to campaign through the bandit camp with).

Anyway, I'm sorry if I really am trapped in a game-ending bug, as I've really enjoyed it up til now. If it ever gets fixed up, I'd love to get through again some time!
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Re: The Elderin Stone

Post by slowdive »

I'm currently re-working the IBbasic engine so there are many bug fixes and improvements on the way. As far as The Elderin Stone, I will check out those bugs, see what happened, and fix them for the IBbasic new release.
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Re: The Elderin Stone

Post by Pongo »

Hey Cartons, thanks for the bug report! And sorry for the slow reply - I hadn't been keeping an eye on this section.

Not sure what the bug is with the Vandrid area, but it sounds pretty annoying.

The sling of fire big sounds easily resolvable at least!

If I remember right, you should get experience for avoiding the bandit fight, and going back to trigger the fight should then be blocked to avoid the player doubling the experience.

Unless Slowdive has fixed this already, I'll have a look - I've been meaning to download Iceblink Basic for a while, and this is a good reason I think! Glad you enjoyed the module, bugs aside.
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