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IBbasic Feature Board

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2021 4:08 am
by slowdive
CURRENT RELEASE (v1.0.19) (posted to NWVault: 12/12/2021, Google Play: 12/12/2021, Apple App Store: 12/12/2021)
LAST EDIT: Dec 18, 2021

-web effect doesn't take hold on same round when moving

-have the ability to hide all the left buttons (can use keyboard shortcuts on PC).
-have a separate screen for downloading and updating modules so it is easier to see what is available in one place.
-make the commenting system more intuitive if possible
-create four view props for 3d view (each prop, if a 192x48 image, will have a N, W, S, and E view that will be shown when player is facing that direction). This will result in props that don't rotate to always face the player like a chest or bed that should not spin. You will be able to see the sides and back of them instead of always the front. Toolset will need an option to draw all four views and copy the front view to the others as a starting point.
-turn undead system. Possibly use a turn DC with a default of 99 for those that can't be turned.
-add a trip and knockdown/push trait (look for the one in IB as an example)
-add d20 screen for DC checks in conversations and trigger scripts.
-Party encumbrance system, all items have weight and if exceed total allowed based on strength total then lose movement in combat and maybe more time passes on main map per step.
-add square modifiers that add to attack and damage (higher ground, magical square, etc.)
-add square modifiers that lower move distance (mud, snow, grease, swamp, etc)
-level up only available via script call so that, for example, you would have to train and pay for level ups from specific people.

-more hover over help context pop-ups
-add more tile options and possibly more filter buttons
-add a tinting system for tokens with multiple layers of the token that can have their HUE adjusted with a slider

-share party progress button and screen to see what others have posted

-update BarQuest to new IBbasic
-update Hearkenwold to new IBbasic (need import tool)
-update Lanterna2 to new IBbasic (need import tool)

-[Done] fix the trait selection bug which I have seen one other time, but couldn't figure it out (why does it say select 2 of 1 traits and there are no traits available)
-[Done] fix "read news" for android and iOS

-[Done] move the toggles to a middle screen pop-up dialog when the "settings" button is clicked
-[Done] minimize the portrait size on main map and combat map
-[Done] have the tile map fill up the screen and make the UI elements float and "snapped" to the left and right of the screen (increase map real estate when possible)
-[Done] have all the UI except for a "menu" and "settings" buttons turned off as default when first entering the game map.
-[Done] have keyboard shortcuts for all needed menus and screens (I for inventory, P for Party, J for Journal, etc.)
-[Done] use a hierarchy for ESC to go back one screen (only have the "exit game" menu pop-up when on the lowest level screen like the main map, combat map, or conversation screen, etc.
-[Done] hide the number buttons on PC for conversations
-[Done] fix the "Fx" button to look more inline with the rest of the style (do this for all buttons that are not inline)

-[Done] clean up the toolset with re-organizing editor and settings buttons (maybe tapping an editor or settings or other group button brings up a middle of the screen dialog box with buttons for each individual editor layed out in a grid.
-[Done] make tab buttons more intuitive by having a small tab-like border similar to the way browsers do like Chrome, etc.


-[Done] add 3d view back in

-[Done] add 3d view back in

-[Done] attacks seem to do at least 1 HP even when 100% resistance to the damage type
-[Done] items with CON bonus not adding (also missing mods in item editor)
-[Done] backstab not calculating correctly and need description for improved backstab
-[Done] animal companions/summons causing issues on party screen and convo party chat screen if in middle of player list
-[Done] large creatures not calculating AC bonus from adjacent allies correctly
-[Done] large creature pathfinding issues (overlapping each other at times)
-[Done] when exiting level up early, you are not able to go back and try to level up again to choose traits/spells
-[Done] when exiting the module, the area music keeps playing
-[Done] when returning to splash screen, the play button says "Loading..."
-[Done] when the trait table says no traits at a certain level, player is still able to select a trait.
-[Done] dispel magic isn't set to dispel greater mirror image, need to add to remove effect list
-[Done] missing fx for insect swarm
-[Done] need a better fx for stone skin
-[Done] after adding Players to "default player list" in module editor screen, they are not showing up in the game
-[Done] dimension door spell not working
-[Done] Player Editor doesn't show PC tokens when trying to change the token filename (shows creature tokens)
-[Done] changed the "On Hit Cast Spell" selection in the Creature Editor to use a drop down of spells instead of text editor
-[Done] fixed the Player Editor so that you can change an equipped item to "none" if you decide to remove an item from them.

-[Done] show symbol when conversation available for companion
-[Done] show symbol on party screen when level up is available
-[Done] add mini buttons for summons under PC button on party screen that will bring up a message box with details on summon such as time left in group, attack value, defense value, HP, etc.
-[Done] Load/Save screen to have 10 save slots, one server save, and one autosave
-[Done] add ambient area sounds (loop only) and change area music to allow for a delay between plays

-[Done] add tabs so that multiple convos, areas, and encounters can be open at the same time like in IB.

RELEASED v1.0.09 (9/30/2021)
-[Done] add more/better AI types for creatures (smart spell casting, coordinated attacks, exploit parties weaknesses, differences for intelligent and less intelligent creatures, etc.)
-[Done] add summon ally and animal companion system
-[Done] add two more item slots (one more ring/accessories and one head/neck)
-[Done] get music working again

-[Done] add more tokens and portraits to the default list for builders and players to use


-[Done] make sure The Elderin Stone and Lanterna - The Exile are fully tested and ready to go.
-[Done] make sure previous modules work with new systems added.

RELEASED v1.0.08 (6/10/2021)
-[Done] add d20 roll screen for combat
-[Done] separate multiple attacks out to allow them to be made one at a time for different targets if wanted
-[Done] allow move - attack - move or attack - move or attack - move - attack, etc.

-[Done] scripts from tiggers need autofill
-[Done] addjournalentry needs dropdown for parm2

-[Done] display a large text message uploading to server .this make take a minute. when uploading/updating/downloading modules

-[Done] update The Elderin Stone to new IBbasic
-[Done] update Lanterna1 to new IBbasic

RELEASED v1.0.07 (5/22/2021)
-[Done] fix Android issue with not allowing create modules

-[Done] create a more complete list of default creatures
-[Done] create a more complete list of default items
-[Done] add a pop up message for release notes for each module so that builders can tell players what has changed in each update
-[Done] add radio button for and/or for conditionals

-[Done] make a module public or private. Private can only be downloaded by the person that made it. Useful for building on multiple devices and transferring your modules back and forth between them, when you are not ready to release it to the public just yet.

-[Done] update FirstMod to new IBbasic (call it TutorialMod)

Re: IBbasic Feature Board

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2021 8:39 pm
by hotmustard
If non-user-facing features are to be included in this list, I recommend integration of a unit testing framework. I am using it for the AI development, and it pays dividends. Integrates nicely with VS.

What I am using as my simple test harness:

I won't commit this so as not too muddy the task of AI development, but in general, the more testing you can automate, the more solid your platform becomes.

Re: IBbasic Feature Board

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2021 6:37 pm
by Pongo
No urgency, but it would be nice to have a "once per rest" option for traits maybe? Eg I've done a "rage" trait for a barbarian class - I don't want it to be SP based because it's quite powerful and shouldn't be repeatedly available through glugging SP potions for example. I've solved this by adding a very, very long cool down, which is cool and certainly adds a big limitation to its use. But "one/two/three uses per rest" would be a nice option.

Re: IBbasic Feature Board

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2021 6:37 pm
by Pongo
No urgency, but it would be nice to have a "once per rest" option for traits maybe? Eg I've done a "rage" trait for a barbarian class - I don't want it to be SP based because it's quite powerful and shouldn't be repeatedly available through glugging SP potions. I've solved this by adding a very, very long cool down, which works really well and adds a big limitation to its use. But "one/two/three uses per rest" would be a nice option.

Re: IBbasic Feature Board

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2021 6:48 pm
by Pongo
Also, an effect that prevents casting (like silence) would be add a good tactical layer to combat.

Re: IBbasic Feature Board

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2021 6:00 am
by Pongo
I just downloaded IB Basic version 1.0.08. It looks great and I've enjoyed tinkering around with it, but it didn't seem to have an option to create 3d maps which I remember from the version I downloaded on my phone a few months back. Has that option been removed or am I missing something?

Re: IBbasic Feature Board

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2021 12:59 pm
by slowdive
Yeah, I “removed” the 3d feature in the new version of IBbasic just to keep everything more simple. The code is all still there, just commented out the parts that link to it. I wanted to make the new version more focused, polished, and more final looking so I revise the project scope. I think I have just about everything in that I wanted, just a bit more testing and polishing is needed. If there is enough interest in specifically building with IBbasic (other than just converting IB models) I may focus some more on toolset features.