IBmini Individual Party Progress Reporting

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IBmini Individual Party Progress Reporting

Postby slowdive » Thu Mar 23, 2017 4:04 am

In this thread I will try and post individual party progress. I'll start with only parties that have surpassed 300 events in at least IBmini v12 or greater. If you turned Progress Reporting OFF you will obviously not record any events and will not be represented here. So if you want to share you play through experience with the community, make sure to turn and keep Progress Reporting ON.

What is in the data:


MainPcName: This is the PC in slot 1 after exiting character creation screen and upon entering the game. You can move this character to different slot in the Party Roster screen, but they will always retain the MainPc tag which module authors can call on if they need to for their story.

uniqueID: this is a random number generated at the start of each new game and saved as part of the save games so your entire play through keeps this uniqueID This differentiates this play through from others that may have the exact same MainPcName such as Drin.

WorldDateTime: year-month-day-hour-minutes-seconds

GameTime: This is the time of day as shown when the game clock is toggled on and is also displayed in save games.

In order to create the Party Images as seen below, I have a tool where I copy and paste the party info from a "LoadSaveGame" event (from the raw data) into a text box. I then click a button and the image is automatically created.

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