gcScript: HasEncounterBeenWon? And more...

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gcScript: HasEncounterBeenWon? And more...

Postby youngneil1 » Thu Sep 18, 2014 7:19 am

A helpful building block for the "logic tree" would be a gcScript that can check whether a specific encounter has been won. As parm it would require the tag of the encounter.

With a little time later in the day I think I will try to formulate some nice building blocks for the logic tree, hopefully in rather structured way. It might be like listing all reasonably helpful info to check for in gc_ scripts (condition target) as well as all reasonbale action types for ga_ scripts (and then as subcategory possibly interesting action targets). Action types might be general stuff like "remove object", "create object" or "modify value of object", action targets could be anything, e.g. from hp to a prop to a global int.

The art will likely be to structure this in away that it's a) transaparant for authors and b) uses the four parameters with maximal efficiency, keeping the number of scripts as low as possible (and the individual script as powerful as possible).

E.g. there's likely no reason to not expose all values of a pc object to a script that modifies the values of the pc object. So far I have been thinking in a situation specfic way for scripts (i.e. find problem while doing adventure -> make very narrow script), it might be cool to shift that approach to structural thinking about script usage (i.e. provide a flexible, non-problem specific toolbox). Do I make sense? Don't know myself (yet) :lol: .
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