IceBlink Engine Core Ideas

A description of the core ideas and purpose that the IceBlink Project is trying to achieve. These core ideas should not change even as the project evolves over time.

IceBlink Engine Core Ideas

Postby slowdive » Mon Dec 30, 2013 5:04 am

This is where we will describe the IceBlink Projects Core Ideas. I will update this first post as suggestions are posted below.

  • A system that allows authors to create a PnP virtual table top type experience in a single-player, party-based, turn-based, story-based 2D cRPG.
  • Game Engine to remain free so as to allow authors to share their modules with anyone free of cost.
  • Allow module authors the opportunity to sell their modules if they so choose (must not use any copyright material without the holders permission).

Any other thoughts?
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Re: IceBlink Engine Core Ideas

Postby youngneil1 » Mon Dec 30, 2013 1:28 pm

Three additional concepts maybe worth stressing:

Flexibility: A higly customizable engine that allows different rulesets and mechanisms for all kinds of scenarios, like e.g. sci-fi, fantasy or steampunk. This includes freely definable races, classes, spells/powers, traits, skills, effects, items, creatures, areas... and also encompases mighty scripts in c# that can be freely changed and adjusted by indidividual authors.

Ease of use: A toolset that enables non-coders to tell their stories with minimal barriers to entry and in an efficient way, allowing authors to bring their projects to live in their spare time, despite following a normal work and familiy life.

Growing campaigns: A savegame system that allows authors to gradually enlarge their game worlds without forcing players to restart from 0 with eahc new patch/new content coming in. In other words: old savegames will always be usable even after the campaign has grown by a few areas, quests, characters, new rule options, etc.
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